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ECFMX Freestyle Moto X Team

Segments of the show...

Our freestyle display involves many different stunt routines over its duration:

  • "Sick Trick Comp" The team riders compete against each other for the crowds approval, the crowd decides who they think pulled off the "sickest trick".

  • "Trick Train" The riders all bunch up together on the run in to the take off ramp getting as close to each other as they dare, when this occurs the crowd can look forward to seeing multiple bikes in the air at once.

  • "FMX Display" The team riders show off their skills to the crowd, demonstrating different skill levels of tricks, saving the hardest & most dangerous ones for last.

  • "Wheeleys & Burnouts" The team riders display their skills on the ground too, showing off their wheeley & burnout skills.

  • "FMX Backflip" We can also provide the full size fmx backflip, this is pre-arranged between the event organiser and East Coast FMX, please ask for further details.

Side shows...

Meet the TeamSigning Autographs

We offer a choice of additional, smaller "side show" style displays:

  • For these we use a scaled down version of our portable ramp system, these include the "mini bike backflip" and "mtb/bmx freestyle".

After show meet & greet...

  • After our display we provide an interactive stand where the crowd can meet the riders, get signed autographs & have a closer look at the bikes we use

Show duration choices...

  • We understand that no event is the same & event organisers have different needs so we offer choices on the length & number of our stunt displays each day to suit you.

Health & Safety requirements for show...

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