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Freestyle Moto-X Team

Breath Taking Stunts...

The art of freestyle Moto-X is ever becoming a crowd favourite at events all over the world. With years of experience, East Coast FMX stunt display team are dedicated to electrifying crowds of all ages.

Performing breath taking stunts over 30ft in the air leaving their bikes mid flight, our riders perform to high energy music and commentary that leaves the crowd feeling fully involved and screaming for more.

An Easy Addition to any Event

Once our portable display ramp is set up, it can be moved in and out of the display arena in under 15 mins, making it easily possible to run along side any other attractions with minimal disruption to the events time schedule.

Crowd Involvement...

We always aim to make the crowd feel part of the show, this is made possible by our sponsors providing product to throw into the crowd during our display, we also ask the crowd to judge our "sick trick competition" while our team commentator uses his vocal skills to keep the crowd pumped.